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Internet Skin Care “Hacks” That Actually Suck!

Just because it’s natural and you can eat it doesn’t always equal safe or effective!

I’m guilty and likely you are too. When I was growing up with acne, we didn’t have Pintrest but I did have Teen magazines loaded with tips and tricks. How about putting toothpaste on a pimple? Or “natural remedies” that make us think “this must be safe!” There are NO SHORTAGE of Pintrest skin care tips promising you these “natural ingredients for a DIY Facial” are all you need. I’m here to tell you, the following natural ingredients should NOT be used on your skin. Furthermore they can even cause MORE damage. (Side note: I recently had two clients who burned their faces using two of these promises for better skin)

Here are a few examples of what natural ingredients you should avoid putting on your face:

Baking Soda

This is WAY to alkaline for your skin. Your epidermis (outer layer of skin) is slightly acidic and for a good reason! It helps to maintain a healthy natural barrier which is necessary for keeping bacteria from entering. Baking soda will also lead to loss of moisture.


The opposite of baking soda, this is too ACIDIC for your skin. Lemon juice can cause burns and rashes and it will dry your skin. Dry skin is unhealthy skin. Using lemon will also affect your skins natural barrier. But here’s what I do recommend! An 8 oz glass of warm lemon juice every morning.


This popular DIY for a zit will burn your skin! The residual damage is Post Inflammatory Hiperpigmentation a.k.a. dark spots that last FOREVER! These scars can last forever. Also, toothpaste has far to many harsh ingredients for brushing your teeth let alone putting on your skin!.

Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV is a fantastic food to ingest (I do!) for a myriad of healthful reasons but topically applying this to your skin is an absolute no-no. Once again you run the risk of skin burns and irritation.


We need to omit this from both our diet and our skin care regimen. This is far to coarse to be exfoliating your face. Scrubbing your face with sugar can lead to micro tears in the skin, allowing harmful bacteria an entry point. But here’s the good news….sugar scrubs are great for body!

Unsure of what you can use in place of these? Set up your

complementary consultation today!


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