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Skin Care Williamsville

Marie Regan

Licensed Esthetician


Healthy, beautiful skin is within reach. 

Take our hand and we will lead you there.

Skincare Junkie Turned Licensed Expert


Been there, done that can be taken as flippant, but when it comes to professional skincare treatments, it’s exactly what you want to hear. Readily recognized as and loved for being passionate, I set out on my professional esthetics journey to share my experiences and help others with their challenging skin health issues.  After a personal battle with acne for many years, I turned into a self-professed "skin care junkie", devouring skin health journals and becoming an insatiable student of product and ingredients – all before finding myself deeply, and permanently embedded in professional, licensed esthetics. Some people find out what they love by accident, but I knew my craft even before I made it official.


“…empathy alone is a great connector. Empathy + expert solutions and wisdom is invaluable.”



After nearly two years in a plastic surgery and medical spa, I realized I wanted more for myself and my clients.  Passion and energy took hold yet again, which led to the birth of my advanced skin studio which continues to transform and grow. Bel Viso Skin Studio is a warm, comfortable space that has been painstakingly designed to bring not only comfort and pampering to my clients, but to deliver visible, cumulative treatment results.


Client empowerment.

I believe that the benefits of skin care are more than skin deep. When my clients receive treatments, they feel empowered and confident thanks to our commitment to the transformative process in helping them achieve their skin care goals. Nothing pleases me more than seeing clients realize the inevitable benefits that materialize from expert in-spa treatments coupled with customized at home skin care regimens. The true joy lies in helping clients see what many of them thought was not possible – brand new, healthy skin.


You are always welcome and will always be heard.

I have an open door and an open professional mind. One of my favorite classic sayings after all, is ‘we have two ears and one mouth for a reason.’


I continue to be a constant seeker of skin physiology expertise, adding  to my constant expanding body of knowledge.  There have never been nor will there ever be any shortcuts at Bel Viso – your concerns and needs always come first in my care.


You can keep up with Marie and Bel Viso’s brilliance! 

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