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Procell Microchanneling

Starting at $300

Microchanneling is THE solution for plumper, healthier, wrinkle-free, youthful looking skin,

Microchanneling will also improve the look of acne scars and skin texture.

Microchanneling increases collagen production and is one of the most recognized methods of reducing the signs of aging.


What is Microchanneling?


Using fine micro channels with our state of the art Procell device, we are able to induce collagen production up to 400 times the normal amount over a short series of treatments. Some observable benefits of the method include;


  • Scar Improvement. Microchanneling reduces the look of scars from acne, surgery, or stretch marks by breaking down old tissue and fostering the development of healthier skin.

  • Reduction of facial lines and wrinkles by increasing the collagen and communication levels in the skin, micro channeling facilitates thicker, younger looking skin with minimal downtime.

  • Prevents aging signs. Microchanneling, when combined with stem-cell derived human growth factors, keeps communication prevalent, allowing the prevention of future signs of aging from ever coming in.  

  • Hair restoration for men and women.

We ONLY use AnteAGE Growth factor serums, the most effective ingredients to communicate wth  your skin.


Using a culmination of very specific growth factors derived from the most effective stem cells (18-26 year old)  within the human body we are able to achieve the highest collagen production possible.

Stem cells are obtained directly from the bone marrow and produce natural proteins that make it the best option when combined with micro channeling treatment to enhance communication.


Bone Marrow derived stem cells initiate a healing response immediately after cells incur damage in the body and are effective against inflammation.

The addition of stem cells and other natural ingredients in our micro channeling solution reduces the signs of aging and improves the overall skin health, taking your skin back to its younger years, literally. To reduce the symptoms of inflammation during and after the process of micro channeling, our solution contains only non-adipose growth factors, which will keep inflammation down and avoid adverse reactions; it also contains Hyaluronic acid to keep product and water in the skin post treatment, as Hyaluronic acid will hold a thousand times its own weight in water.


Optional Add Ons:


Chemical Peel

Enzymatic Peel 


Jet Clear Microdermabrasion 



Procell Microchannelling
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