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  • Marie Regan

The Rezenerate Treatment: The Gold Standard!

I waited for well over a year before buying the Rezenerate Wand. Why did I wait? Because I needed to see RESULTS

I did my homework, I reached out to industry peers who've used the wand. (Side note: it's called a wand because it's like magic!) I saw results that blew me away. This is an extraordinary treatment and we are pleased to be the FIRST to offer this in WNY! The Rezenerate treatment will remedy the most common skin care issues we deal with like Aging, Acne, Dryness, Texture and Tone. Each treatment is specifically tailored to your skin care concerns thru the Rezenerate infusion. We have TWO packages to Choose From THE GOLD PACKAGE ** Deep Pore Cleansing

** You choose Dermaplaning OR Jet Clear Microdermabrasion

*** Rezenerate Infusion of Three Cosmeceutical Serums Bio Cell Cooling Mask Moisturizer

THE SILVER PACKAGE ** Deep Pore Cleansing

** Enzyme Exfoliation *** Rezenerate Infusion of Two Cosmeceutical Serums


Book online by choosing Rezenerate Package Gold or Silver We've made package payment easy. You'll pay for treatments One and Three at the first visit You'll pay for treatment Two at that visit You'll also receive a complimentary take home mask after each treatment as my gift to you!

CLICK here and see the results for yourself!

I can’t wait to see you again! Until then, BE WELL! Yours truly, Marie Regan, L.E.

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