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  • Marie Regan

Smart Spring Skin Habits to START NOW!

Spring is a time of renewal and revival! Everything that was once brown and dead is coming back alive! Think tulips, daisy’s and hyacinth (my all-time favorite flower).

Our skin is in need of the same revival. After long harsh months with cold and dry indoor heat, it’s time to change up your products and your routine.


Bring out the bright glow by increasing your exfoliation. Exfoliation will remove those dead skin cells (yes, those dry, flattened gray ones) and reveal a fresher, more luminous glow. I recommend exfoliating twice a week with a gentle, hydrating exfoliation such as Gentle Jojoba Beads or ViktoriaDeAnn Lactic Collagen which is an at home, self-neutralizing peel.


Heavier moisturizers do a fantastic job in winter but they can become problematic in the spring and summer months. There are many amazing serums that add the necessary hydration to your skin in spring without feeling heavy or occlusive. My favorite go to serums are Antioxidant Complex Serum and Hylauronic. Both of these also allow for a fabulous light and clean slate for flawless makeup application.


Swap out your rich and creamy cleansers with stronger cleansers since your skin will no longer need the extra lipids that come with creamier cleansers. Beta Green Tea is an excellent option for those who love deep pore cleansing and wish to reduce the surface oil on the skin. Glycolic Herbal Wash is the perfect cleanser for those who suffer from acne breakouts and skin impurities. Do you find yourself too tired or busy at night for a thorough cleansing? All Purpose Cleansing Pads are just the thing for you!


Forget about Samantha’s awful chemical peel on Sex and the City! There are peels available for every skin type that cause peeling on a micro level which allow you to resume your normal activities immediately with no down time, redness or discomfort. Customized peels include Mandelic, Lactic, Glycolic as well as our amazing Jewel Peel.

Peels not your thing? Then come in for a Dermaplaning Exfoliation or the Anti Oxidant facial or the Jet Clear Microdermabrasion ! All are wonderful options for glowing skin!


Your SPF in your moisturizer is NOT enough. SPF needs to be applied every two hours when out in direct sunlight. SPF is vital even on cloudy days to prevent the harsh effects of UV damage. When choosing SPF, read the ingredients and skip the bad chemicals. Rhonda Allisons Daytime Defense SPF is a pure and clean formulation that protects the skin while providing antimicrobial, antioxidant, and soothing, healing support. Need ligher coverage? Sheer Tint Finisher delivers an SPF 18 with a touch of shimmer!

Come experience skin revival at Bel Viso Skin Studio! 570-5950

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