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Why You Need a Skin Care Plan NOW

Young or old, so much of our beauty is reflected in our skin. A good skin care routine is important at any age and you can never start too soon. Keep that skin glowing and beautiful so it compliments that georgeous personality of yours! Here’s how…

In Your 20’s

Nutrients: Great skin starts from the inside out and your 20’s is a wonderful time to develop good eating habits. Foods packed with nutrients and anti-oxidants are great for you body, but evem better for your skin. Some simple foods to to add are vegetables rich in color, coconut or olive oil, dark chocolate, green tea, kale, and walnuts. Don’t forget to drink lots of water too!

Cleansing: Do NOT sleep in your makeup! Before bed, it is so important to wash off the grime of the day. A high-quality cleanser, one for your skin type, can help prevent aging and ensure that your skin stays clean and healthy. Let us treat you to a complimentary skin care consultation to pick the right cleanser for your skin!

In Your 30’s

Prevention: Now is the time to get some good wrinkle prevention. Moisturizers are so important in your 30’s. Adding serums and peptides into your routine will help keep that skin young and glowing. It is a great time to treat yourself to a skin care treatment too!

Sleep- Hopefully you developed better eating habits. Now is the time to make sure you are getting enough sleep. Lack of sleep can wreck havoc on your hormones and your skin. Relax, treat yourself to a spa day, and get some sleep!

In Your 40’s and Beyond

Exfoliate- As we age, it is important to speed up your skin's cellular turnover. Exfoliation is the best way to get rid of those dead skin cells, nourish the skin and see the glow you had in your 20's! This is a great time for Jet Clear Microdermabrasion which will rejuvenate and hydrate as well as increase micro-circulation.

Hydrate- It may be time to rethink your cleansing and moisturizing routine. Find targeted products for the age of your skin that will nourish and tone. Unsure of what ingredients will work best for you? Let us help. We only use and retail cosmeceutical skin care proucts guaranteed to help your skin.

No matter your age or lifestyle, a fabulous skin care routine and regular maintenance can go a long way to keeping your glow while helping you shine! Marie Regan, Licensed Esthetician. 716.570.5950

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