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5 Models Needed for New Luxury Facial!

I need 5 people who are looking for a Luxury Facial! When I say luxury, I mean LUXURY! This isn’t your average facial! We will be using both advanced ingredients and modalities to exfoliate, lift, plump, brighten and soften lines & wrinkles. The Lux Facial: Light Chemical Peel (no downtime) using 3 exfoliants to soften dead skin cells, exfoliate and moisturize Nano infusion of POWERFUL INGREDIENTS containing peptides, vitamins, epidermal growth factors, niacinimide and brighteners to:

  • Stimulate collagen

  • Spur on the proliferation of healthier skin cells

  • Heal dry, damaged skin

  • Generate firmness and elasticity

  • Soften Fine Lines & Wrinkles

  • Fortify the skin's protective functions

Utilizing both Electroporation (a an electrical field applied to the skin in order to increase the permeability of the cell membrane) and Low Intensity Focused Ultrasound, we will infuse a topical Lifting Protein (botox like) and Poly L Lactic acid, the same ingredient found in dermal facial fillers. These two ingredients help minimize expression lines and smooth out lines and wrinkles. A firming eye treatment is included!

Model Criteria: - Cannot have had botox or dermal fillers in the past 3 weeks - Must not have been waxed in 3 days - Must be Acne free What to expect: You’re skin may be slightly pink upon completion but usually subsides within a few hours. Uncommon though not completely unusual, some clients may experience some flaking of the skin. Glowing skin for days !

THE DETAILS: Models will receive premium pricing of $125. This treatment will then be priced at $155.

A series of three is recommended for best results because just like working out, the skin needs time to build. As an added bonus, each client will receive a 15% discount on recommended skincare products

We request permission to post images on social media

Request an appointment to be a model:

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