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SKIN SUFFOCATION – Why you need a Skin Cleansing Regimen

I cannot tell you the number of clients I’ve had this past year who confessed to not washing their face both morning at night. Worst yet is when they confess that they SLEEP IN THEIR MAKEUP or wash their face with body wash or shampoo!

Numerous experts say it is imperative to cleanse your face both morning AND night. Yes, BOTH. And your cleaning routine should be for a minimum of 3 minutes each time. I know you can find 3 minutes. How do I know this? Because you likely spent triple that on the internet today. You are not that busy. You are not that tired.

Now here’s where the rubber meets the road. Simply “splashing” water or using over the counter facial wipes is not considered cleansing. Your face needs a treatment cleanser which does exactly what it implies. It will “treat” the skin to a host of benefits, the most important of which is getting your face squeaky clean.

We Recommend Rhonda Allison Treatment Cleansers

Research has shown that physiological changes in the skin do in fact occur overnight. . Cleansing in the evening not only removes the day’s grime from your skin, but it is an excellent way to mitigate the factors that contribute to aging. Your skin is an organ and it repairs itself on a cellular level in the evening just as your other organs do. Research also shows that evening is the time your cells divide and replenish dead cells. By sleeping with a clean face, you also allow oxygen to do its job of repairing the skin. Sleeping with a dirty face suffocates your skin.

Cleansing at night also enables your anti-aging or acne ingredients to do their work best, especially corrective serums loaded with active, biological ingredients. Make sure you are getting the best outcomes by applying serums to a clean face.

Based on your skin evaluation and concerns, we recommend:

Rhonda Allison ChronoPeptide A

Rhonda Allison AntiOxidant Complx Serum

Viktoria DeAnn Pepti Lift, Pepti Tone and Pro-Col

Cleansing will help your skin maintain hydration. Have you ever noticed your skin feels a bit itchier at night? That is likely due to what we in the skin care world call Trans Epidermal Water Loss, abbreviated TWEL. The skin tends to lose hydration more at night as your body’s temperature increases.

We recommend Viktoria DeAnn 5% Lactic-Collagen

Rhonda Allison Infuse 7

Rhonda Allison Hyaluronic Serum

Rise and shine sunshine! Don’t think that just because you cleansed the night before your face is clean. Are you going to skip brushing your teeth because you did before you went to bed?

Cleaning your skin the morning prevents excess oil production. It also sloughs off the dead skin cells from the night before. It also establishes a clean canvas for your makeup. Clearly you don’t want to put makeup on top of dead skin cells, do you?

We just learned, that skin recovery happens overnight. This means in the morning you have more dead skin cells to slough off. This doesn’t happen with just water. Dead skin cells and sebum need to be evacuated from the pores then rinsed away.

Treat your face kindly, it’s the only one you’ve got! Chose effective skin care serums to build, repair, restore, replenish and hydrate.

Marie Regan, Licensed Esthetician. 716-570-5950

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