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  • Marie Regan

Enzymatic Peels

Enzymes are one of the best little tools in the skin care arsenal! Enzymes are proteins made from amino acids. They act as a catalyst (a substance that causes or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected) in your cells. The job of the enzyme in a cell is to allow the cell to carry out and perform chemical reactions very quickly. We need this to happen in our cells in order for the cell to grow and reproduce. Healthy new cells provide an array of benefits to the body and the skin.

In skincare, enzymes are little powerhouses that digest and soften the surface of the skin and will directly affect cellular repair and increase cell integrity. Enzymes are a fantastic way to introduce your skin to the benefits of exfoliation. Rhonda Allison enzymes are derived from fruits like tangerine, pineapple, papaya and cherry and from vegetables like pumpkin, yams and tomatoes.

One of the most popular enzymes at Bel Viso Skin Studio is the Rhonda Allison bromelain enzyme because of its ability to help skin conditions like acne, rosacea, hyper pigmentation. This enzyme is even gentle enough for sensitive skin. Bromelain provides the extra added benefit of antibacterial support.

We love enhancing a treatment by mixing two enzymes together to provide dual benefits such as brightening along with antioxidant support. Another terrific benefit of is the ability to add acids, like lactic to an enzyme for enhanced treatment outcomes.

Find out more about the power of these amazing biological catalysts today! Bel Viso Skin Studio 716-570-5950.

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