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Is the Beauty Aisle at Target Calling Your Name (Don't Let It, Here's Why!)

I have a confession...

I used to buy my beauty products at my local Super Centers.

Why? Because those beautiful models on TV said they used the products in those aisles to obtain healthy, gorgeous, beautiful skin! I wanted what Jennifer Aniston had so I took her word for it and I bought what she uses.

Guess what? It didn’t work for me. I didn’t get that “healthy looking radiance” she got. And I wanted it BAD.

So now I'm asking you.

Did that eye serum really deliver on it's promise to provide you with "Visible Results in Less than Two Weeks?" Or did you end up with irritated, sensitive red skin because the ingredients simply were not right for you?

How about that skin care system Adam Levine uses? Did it deliver the promise of a “simple easy way to clear skin?” Was it simple? Was it easy? Or did you end up with dry, itchy, sensitive skin?

It’s time for a little skin care rehab. Stop roaming the beauty aisles trying to discern for yourself what skin care products you need. Truth is a LOT of over the counter brands contain only a "fairy dusting" of active ingredients.

Help has arrived. Here is your FIVE STEP program to ditch the aisles and get the skin you deserve.

Step One….

  • Line up the partially used beauty products in your bathroom

Step Two….

  • Ask yourself if they delivered on their promise to you. Probably not since you are no longer using it.

Step Three....

  • Add up how much you spent on these products. Don’t cry, we’ve all been there.

Step Four....

  • Step away from the bottle with the magic potion or lotion that simply didn’t deliver. Promise yourself that you will never spend your hard earned cash and buy from an un-attended beauty aisle at your local Super Center again.

Step Five....

  • Call and set up your complimentary skin care consultation with Marie Regan, licensed esthetician at Bel Viso Skin Studio. Come and experience the purest, quality skin nutrition for daily home use and the most effective, safe, result oriented professional treatments available. Oh, and you are supporting your local small business!

Bel Viso Skin Studio - 716.570.5950

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