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Lesion Remediation with Vascutouch

A new “electrocoagulation” system

VascuTouch is a new “electrocoagulation” system, which will quickly and effectively remediate unsightly facial growths caused by such things as sun damage, aging, genetics, medications, hormones, childbirth, and skin trauma. VascuTouch produces comparable results as traditional laser treatments, without bruising, scarring, skin discoloration or higher treatment cost. Whatever their origin, vascular blemishes are easily and permanently removed with the VascuTouch.



VascuTouch Will Effectively Treat:


  • Visible Capillaries which are small facial veins commonly observed on the cheeks and around the nose.

  • Cherry Angiomas wich resemble red dots or large red moles. They are also known as blood blisters and are usually found on the torso.

  • Milia are a small, hard white bumps that resemble a stubborn whitehead.

  • Skin tags are hanging moles which are often around the neck area.

  • Sunspots are small brown spots caused by repeated exposure to UV rays.Acne Lesions.

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