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IPL Laser Hair Removal for Men and Women

Laser (LHE) Services for MEN & WOMEN

LHE targets melanin in the hair shaft, and then converts light to heat inside the follicle. The additional heat further elevates the temperature to reach coagulation temperature at a much lower fluence than conventional IPL devices. Future hair growth is inhibited and often prevented.





  • SMALL AREA $79 or (3) for $129

  • MEDIUM AREA $99 or (3) for $175

  • LARGE AREA $139 or (3) for $399

  • XL / Special Area $169+ or (3) for $399+



Its TIME to feel good about yourself!


Just imagine no more shaving, waxing and tweezing. No more ingrown hairs.....just smooth skin.

Imagine hair growth issues caused by PCOS or hormones solved.


With our state of the art IPL laser hair removal equipment  you can say good bye to unwanted hair in just 4 to 8 comfortable treatments. Forget about razor burn and ingrown hairs.


IPL works by pulsing light energy into the skin. The light is absorbed by the dark pigment in the hair and at the base of the hair follicle. Once absorbed, the light is converted into thermal energy, creating heat and destroying the source of hair growth.Thus, the hair follicle can no longer grow a hair.


IPL and laser only work if your hair is dark enough, your skin light enough, proper amount of energy is applied and you adhere to the consistent scheduling of treatments. 4 - 6 weeks apart


Because of the cycles of hair growth, a series of treatments is required to totally eliminate the hair problem. Hormonally stimulated hair may require an inexpensive maintenance plan.






What is laser hair removal?
Laser hair removal and IPL is a procedure that uses the energy of a pulsed light to destroy the source of hair growth. It goes through the skin and is attracted to dark colored pigment. Once the energy is absorbed by the hair and follicle, a thermal reaction takes place that renders the follicle inactive.


Is it a one time thing?
No, laser hair removal and IPL, just like electrolysis, requires a series of treatments. Because of the various cycles of hair growth, all the hairs do not appear at the surface of the skin at the same time. It can take several months before all the hairs come to the surface of the skin to be treated for the first time.


How often do I have to come for treatments?

Because of the stages of hair growth, it is extremely important that your treatments are scheduled consistently to make sure all the hairs get treated at the new hair growth cycle.

For the face, treatments are scheduled  4 weeks apart. For the body, 6 weeks is recommended.


Can anyone have laser hair removal treatments?
NO. Laser hair removal and IPL is for selected individuals. It is effective on hair that contains dark pigment. It is not effective on white, blond, or red hair. Very dark skinned individuals are not candidates, although our IPL laser allows us to treat some darker skin toned clients. We would have to test patch you. If you also have white hair on the area to be treated, electrolysis is the only solution.


Can the white peach fuzz on my face be treated?
No, DO NOT BE MISLED. In order for the light source to be attracted to it a hair, there must be dark enough pigment in hair and deeper in the hair follicle. 


Hair grows faster on the face than it does on the body. Because we want to get the hairs as they are new and just emerging to the surface of the skin, four weeks is best for the face.


Laser IPL treatment is best when the treatments are consistent to get the hair in the proper stage of growth to achieve the best results.



What to expect:

~ Treatments are only given after the client has had a thorough consultation.

~While pain tolerance is subjective, most clients describe the feeling as "a slight sensation of little pics". It should never be too uncomfortable.

~The area to be treated will be shaved. This allows all the energy to be directed to the hair below the skin where the source of growth is located. In 2 to 3 weeks the hairs will all fall out.



~ End ingrown hair problems

~ End the need for shaving, waxing or tweezing.

~ Hair is permanently reduced. It reduces the texture and amount of the hairs.

~ No down time.


Things to know:

~ Redness may occur, but will go away a few minutes to a few hours after treatment. After treatment instructions available.

~ If the hair problem is hormonal, an inexpensive maintenance program may be required.

~ If pregnant - no treatments.

~ Positively no tanning, sun exposure or use of sunless tanning products.We recommend SPF30.

~ You may shave between treatments. No tweezing or waxing or "Nair". The hair is the target. No hair = no target.

~ It is not effective on blond, white or red hair.

~ If you have dark or black skin, you are not a candidate for laser IPL.

~ Expect an average of 4 - 6 treatments for facial hair and 6 - 8 treatments for body parts.


How do I prepare for Laser IPL Hair Removal?

~ Do not wax, tweeze, or epilate for 4  weeks before first treatment. You may shave or trim with scissors.

~ Positively no tanning for 4 to 6 weeks before treatments. Recent sun exposure may delay treatments.

~ No sunless tan

~ Do use anSPF30 or greater.


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