CryoCool 360°

We often find ourselves with areas of fat that refuse to budge. No matter what you do to lose weight and tone up, these stubborn areas of fat simply don’t go away!


Fat Freezing will give those pockets of fat a generous kick up the backside, you will have a smoother contour and a new level of body confidence.


Our CryoCool 360° Fat Freezing procedure is safe, requires absolutely no down time and can be done in as little time as it takes to have lunch!​


Areas that can be treated:


​ Chin - 1 Area

Upper Arms (Bingo Wings) - 2 Areas

Chest (Men only) - 2 Areas

Upper Abdomen - 1 Area

Lower Abdomen - 1 Area

Flank - 2 Areas

Inner Thighs - 2 Areas

Outer Thighs - 2 Areas

Buttocks - 2 Areas

Hips - 2 Areas

Upper Back - 2 Areas

Lower Back - 2 Areas

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